1971 Penske Javelin

This is the SUNOCO sponsored AMC Javelin that Penske Racing built and raced in the 1971 Trans-Am series.  Mark Donohue led the development and drove the car throughout the 1971 season.  This is the only Penske Racing AMC Javelin team car built for the 1971 season as Mark believed “they had learned enough about durability and performance so that one strong car was all we needed to win the championship in 1971. ….we went back to the shop, started with a new bare chassis tub, and built a new car as perfectly as we knew  how.  It was a fabulous car.”
This car dominated the 1971 season and won the Trans-Am Championship.  This is the last Trans-Am car raced by Mark Donohue.
This Penske Javelin was sold to Bill Collins after the 1971 season and continued to run in the Trans-Am series.  In 1976, Jocko Maggiacomo won the 1976 SCCA Trans-Am championship (Category 1) in this Javelin.
Having won two SCCA Trans-Am championships in five years of competition,  this Javelin holds a special place in American racing history.